Cup Horn for QSonica 500 and 700 Sonicators, 5.5"

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Cup Horn for QSonica 500 and 700 Sonicators, 5.5"

Cup Horn for QSonica 500 and 700 Sonicators, 5.5"


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  • Cup horn for QSonica 500 and 700 Sonicators
  • 5.5" diameter cup
  • 2.5" diameter horn
  • Includes 1.5 ml sample tube rack
  • Typically ships in 1-2 days

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Brand: Qsonica

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Cup Horn for QSonica 500 and 700 Sonicators, 5.5"

A Cup Horn offers indirect sonication and functions as a high intensity ultrasonic water bath. Multiple samples can be processed in sealed tubes eliminating cross contamination or aerosol issues.


The horn is mounted within an acrylic cup and the cup is filled with water. Sample tubes are placed in a rack at a fixed distance above the ultrasonic horn. Cavitation is produced in the water, processing the samples within the tubes. The #440 tube rack is included with the Cup Horn.  This rack is made for 1.5ml polystyrene tubes which are proven to process samples more efficiently than 1.5ml polypropylene tubes.  


Sonication generates heat so inlets for cooling are located on each side of the cup. The #4900 Chiller is recommended for maintaining both the water temperature and water level within the Cup Horn.  Maintaining a fixed water level is extremely important and only the Qsonica chiller can accurately control this variable.

QSonica 431C2QSonica Sonicator Cup Horn 5.5"


Brand & ModelQSonica 431C2
CompatibilityQSonica Sonicator 500 and Sonicator 700
Inner Diameter of Cup5.5"
Diameter of Horn2.5"
Included431C2 5.5" cup horn and 440 tube rack for 1.5ml sample tubes

NOTE: The Sound Enclosure (#432B2) is highly recommended for all Cup Horn users. In addition to reducing sonication noise to safe levels, it securely supports the Cup Horn in the proper position. The Sound Enclosure features ports on either side to allow coolant tubing to pass from the Cup Horn to a water source or pump system outside the box.

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