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  • A&D Weighing

    A&D provides weighing solutions for a multitude of markets including education, laboratory, food service, jewelry, and pharmacy.

  • Aurelia Gloves

    Aurelia Gloves is a leading brand of nitrile and latex exam gloves.
  • Azlon Plastics

    Azlon Plastics is a trusted lab plastic ware brand that has been serving the scientific community for over 50 years.
  • Bel-Art Products

    Bel-Art Products simplifies tasks with innovative product solutions for science, industry and healthcare. Thousands of products available covering a broad range of applications and requirements. Many in-stock items are ready to ship. In-stock items typically ship within 1-3 business days.

  • Benchmark Scientific

    Benchmark Scientific is a trusted manufacturer of laboratory benchtop equipment and instruments. Benchmark Scientific products cover life science, pharmaceutical, biotech and academic industries. Lab shakers, rockers, water baths, hotplates, stirrers and more from Benchmark Scientific are available from M2 Scientifics.

  • Capp

    The construction of each Capp pipette has a shared story; a tale of artistry of the hands which gave it a shape, of careful material selection, of dedicated care and patience. Each pipette is individually produced and tested by a highly skilled master.
  • ChemPure Brand Chemicals

    Manufactured in Michigan, ChemPure chemicals was estibalished with quality and purity in mind.

  • Corning

    Corning is a world leading innovator in material sciences. Corning offers product and solutions like specialty glass, ceramics, and optical physics. Pyrex® is one of their most recognizable brands in lab glassware and is sought after by industry professionals.

  • Drummond Scientific

    Drummond Scientific is a manufacturer of a wide range of microdispensers, microinjectors, micropipettes, pipette controllers, and innovative liquid handling tools for the laboratory. Many of Drummond Scientific's product innovations set new standards for precision, safety, and ease of use. In 1972, Drummond Scientific introduced the first Pipet-Aid pipette controller which changed pipetting in the laboratory forever.

  • ELMI North America

    ELMI North America manufactures innovative laboratory equipment including centrifuges, mixers, shakers and more.

  • Foxx Life Sciences

    Foxx Life Sciences manufactures innovative fluid management and filtration products for the research, biotech and pharmaceutifcal industries. Buy Foxx Life Sciences products, including the AutoFil vacumm filtration system, carboys and more from M2 Scientifics.

  • Globe Scientific

    Globe Scientific, INC provides a wide array of laboratory supplies and consumables.
  • Heathrow Scientific

    Heathrow Scientific is a globally recognized brand of laboratory instruments, storage products, and lab supplies.
  • IKA®

    IKA® is a trusted name in laboratory equipment. They are one of the most recognizable brands among equipment products.
  • Inter Dyne Systems

    Inter Dyne Systems is a manufacturer of high-quality lab drying racks, including the popular Mod-Rack pegboard, laboratory shelving, countertops, narcotics cabinets and more. 

  • Justrite Manufacturing Company

    Justrite Manufacturing Company is a leading source of laboratory and industrial storage, handling and security products including fire prevention safety equipment for hazardous materials, environmental protection spill containment devices, and specialized storage products.

  • Lab Improvements

    Lab improvements is a lab automation developer and manufacturer providing devices that incorporate process control, unique software and robotic technology to improve processes and tasks.

  • LabTech

    LabTech is a leading technology company that supplies laboratory products and solutions to all analytical laboratories covering environmental quality, food safety, pharmaceutical research, disease control, material analysis, etc.

  • Memmert

    Memmert is one of the leading suppliers of temperature control appliances worldwide.


    For more than a century, the OHAUS ® scales and OHAUS balances have been synonymous with high-quality, durability and reliability. OHAUS is a leading manufacturer of mechanical and electronic balances, scales and moisture analyzers that meet the weighing needs of virtually every industry.

Showing 1 - 21 of 35 items