Ritter Ripette genX Electronic Repeater Pipette

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Ritter Ripette genX Electronic Repeater Pipette

Ritter Ripette genX Electronic Repeater Pipette


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The Ritter Ripette genX® electronic repeater pipette features a high precision motor that dispenses 1 µL to 50,000 µL  volumes easily and reliably. Includes: Ritter Ripette GenX® Pipette and AC charger.


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Brand: Ritter

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Ritter Ripette GenX Electronic Repeater Pipette

The Ritter ripette genX electronic, motorized repeater pipette is the next evolution in repeater pipettes.  The patented motor guarantees the highest precision and reliability while allowing you to select volumes from 1 µL to 50,000 µL to be dispensed in a single step.


The smart programming allows you to pick the syringe size you want to use; or, depending on your application the unit will select the best syringe size for you.  The easy to use software and ergonomic design and light weight make routine applications easy.

Ritter Ripette GenX Electronic Repeater Pipette

Ritter Ripette GenX Repeater Pipette Features

  • Self-controlled tip selection; entering the required dosage volume and aliquot number yields a proposal for optimum tip selection
  • Menu offers choice of corresponding aliquots and dosage volume
  • Volume range from 1µl to 50,000µl
  • Patented motor guarantees precision and reliability
  • Electronic tip ejection provides easy smooth change
  • Superb ergonomics
  • Low weight
  • Precision plungers offers safe, contamination free dispensing
  • Speed adjustments allows efficient working process management
  • High quality and value
  • Integrated charging indicator
  • Direct charging - charge while dispensing
  • Batch corresponding certificate available upon request
  • CE-Mark and LOT-No on each unit
  • dispensing with tip-selection
  • manual dispensing
  • Includes 2 year warranty


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