Capp Electronic Pipette Controller

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Capp Electronic Pipette Controller

Capp Electronic Pipette Controller

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Lightest Motorized Pipette Controller 167g  |  

Use with Glass or Plastic Serological Pipettes | 

4 Color Choices  |  3 Year Warranty  |

Lithium Batter - 12 Hours of use 

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Brand: Capp

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The Capp Motorized Pipette Controller employs Capp's proprietary Electronic Break System that allows technicians to pipette at maximum speed without reducing accuracy.  The Capp Motorized controller  features an LED display that shows the battery life and aspiration and dispense speed.  It allows for 6 different speed settings, both for aspirationg and dispense modes.

And don't forget about the incredible 3 year warranty it is backed by. 


Lightweight ergonomic design - weighs just 167g
Charge while in use
Lithium battery - zero memory effect - 12 hours continuous use
Less than 10 seconds to fill a 50ml pipette
Gravity delivery and blow-out dispensing modes 
Adjustable speed setting
0.2 µm PTFE disc filters acts as an effective shut-down system if over-filling occurs -exchangeable 
Use with glass or plastic pipettes sized from 0.1mL to 100mL
Pipette holder is made from silicon and is exchangeable 
Vapor outlets allows for venting of corrosive liquids and fumes
Fully autoclavable nose cone
Complies with CE and RoHS•
UV-resistant housing 

T100BCapp Motorized Pipette Controller, 0.1-100 mL Blue
T100GCapp Motorized Pipette Controller, 0.1-100 mL Green
T100RCapp Motorized Pipette Controller, 0.1-100 mL Red
T100YCapp Motorized Pipette Controller, 0.1-100 mL Yellow


All products from Capp are eligible for our volume discount pricing program. Stock up on pipettes, pipette tips, and accessories from Capp and save with M2 Scientifics. Contact us for more details and pricing. 

OptionsPriceQuantityAdd to cart
 0.1-100 mL Blue 0.1-100 mL Blue $269.97
 0.1-100 mL Green 0.1-100 mL Green $269.97
 0.1-100 mL Red 0.1-100 mL Red $269.97
 0.1-100 mL Yellow 0.1-100 mL Yellow $269.97

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