CappAero 12 Channel Pipettes

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CappAero 12 Channel Pipettes

CappAero 12 Channel Pipettes

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The Capp 12 channel pipettes provide an efficient solution to dispensing into a 96 well plate in just 8 repetitions.

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Brand: Capp

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The CappAero™ line of pipettes are built to for comfort and built to last. 

User discomfort is commonly attributed to excessive workload of the thumb and has been known to cause repetitive strain injuries. The unique design significantly reduces thumb workload. With just slight pressure on the levered ejector arm, ejection is simple and quick. This feature can reduce workload up to 70%!

Double o-rings and aluminum metal nose cones eliminate having to slam the pipette into tip racks to secure the pipette tips. Just a small amount of even pressure is all that is needed to secure tips to the nose cones. 

It might also be noted that the CappAero™ pipettes are some of the lightest pipettes on the market today adding to the ergonomic design and offer consistent and reliable liquid transfer all in one amazing package.

Reliable fluid transfer is due largely in part to the special design and construction the the piston assembly. You will consistently get single channel pipette accuracy and precision in a multichannel package. 

The fully autoclavable body allows for easy maintenance. Inevitable repairs are a thing of the past due to Capp's unique design featuring individually replaceable tip bases. Anotther great thing about this line is that they are constructed from strong light weight metal internal components and stainless steel pistons making them significantly less susceptible to damage from accidents and tip mounting. 

The CappAero™ pipettes are a great all around solution for your pipetting needs. The benefits are clear. Try them in your lab today!

CAP-CM10-12White CappAero 12-Channel Pipette - 0.5 - 10µL
CAP-CM20-12Grey CappAero 12-Channel Pipette - 2 - 20µL
CAP-CM50-12Red CappAero 12-Channel Pipette - 5 - 50µL
CAP-CM100-12Orange CappAero 12-Channel Pipette - 10 - 100µL
CAP-CM200-12Yellow CappAero 12-Channel Pipette - 20 - 200µL
CAP-CM300-12Black CappAero 12-Channel Pipette - 30 - 300µL
OptionsPriceQuantityAdd to cart
 White, 0.5 - 10 µL White, 0.5 - 10 µL $569.97
 Gray, 2 - 20 µL Gray, 2 - 20 µL $569.97
 Red, 5 - 50 µL Red, 5 - 50 µL $569.97
 Orange, 10 - 100 µL Orange, 10 - 100 µL $569.97
 Yellow, 20 - 200 µL Yellow, 20 - 200 µL $569.97
 Black, 30 - 300 µL Black, 30 - 300 µL $569.97

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