CAPP CappAero 96 8-Channel Pipettes

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CAPP CappAero 96 8-Channel Pipettes

CAPP CappAero 96 8-Channel Pipettes

New product

  • Lockable volume controller
  • Fully autoclavable body
  • Display visible during hand operation
  • Reduced force requirement for aspiration and blow-out
  • Large tip ejection tab
  • For use with 96-well plates
  • Typically ships in 1-2 days

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Our Price: $500.00

List: $689.00

Brand: Capp

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CAPP CappAero 8-Channel Pipettes for 96-Well Plates

The CappAero multichannel pipette from CAPP has a unique design that is both ergonomically comfortable and precise. Tip mounting and ejection are incredibly easy with the CappAero pipettes. Repetitive strain injury and user discomfort are reduced as the thumb is only used for aspiration while the fingers operate the ejection system. To further reduce strain, tips are ejected two at a time, reducing the necessary force needed to eject the tips. This happens in quick succession and looks as if all tips are falling at once.

Each tip cone has two o-rings that ensure a secure fit when attaching new tips. There is no need to "hammer" the pipette into the tip rack like most other brands as only a slight, even pressure is needed to apply the tips. The anodized aluminum construction of the tip cones also helps to prevent any damage from drops or misuse.

The 8-channel CappAero is perfect for operations that work with 96-well plates. Accuracy and precision are at the core of the design of the CappAero multichannel pipette. You can have peace of mind that each channel is accurately aspirating and dispensing volumes precisely, every time.


Item #Description
C10-88-channel pipette, white volume knob, 0.5 - 10µL
C20-88-channel pipette, grey volume knob, 2 - 20µL
C50-88-channel pipette, red volume knob, 5 - 50µL
C100-88-channel pipette, orange volume knob, 10-100µL
C200-88-channel pipette, yellow volume knob, 20-200µL
C300-88-channel pipette, black volume knob, 30-300µL
Data sheet
Channel Type8 Channel
Volume RangeVariable
OptionsPriceQuantityAdd to cart
 White, 0.5 - 10 µL White, 0.5 - 10 µL $500.00
 Gray, 2 - 20 µL Gray, 2 - 20 µL $500.00
 Red, 5 - 50 µL Red, 5 - 50 µL $500.00
 Orange, 10 - 100 µL Orange, 10 - 100 µL $500.00
 Yellow, 20 - 200 µL Yellow, 20 - 200 µL $500.00
 Black, 30 - 300 µL Black, 30 - 300 µL $500.00

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