MTC Bio ProPette LE 8 Channel Pipettors

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MTC Bio ProPette LE 8 Channel Pipettors

MTC Bio ProPette LE 8 Channel Pipettors

New product

  • Adjustable volume with Roto-Lock™
  • 20% lighter and reduced actuation force
  • Volume ranges from 0.1µL-10mL
  • Advanced accuracy and reproducibility
  • 8-channels
  • Typically ships in 1-2 days

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Our Price: $291.75

Brand: MTC Bio

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MTC Bio High Precision ProPette LE™ 8-Channel Pipettors

MTC Bio's ProPette™ LE series is their newest generation of high precision liquid handling instruments. They were carefully designed for comfort and accuracy. The ProPette™ LE family of pipettors feature improved actuation forces and an impressive 20% reduction in overall weight. 

Each ProPette™ LE pipettor features the new Roto-Lock™ from MTC Bio. Positioned at the top of the handle for one-handed operation, each pipette features a continuously adjustable, digital micrometer and non-mandatory lock. This allows for single-handed operation for selecting the desired volume and locking that selection to prevent inadvertent volume changes during pipetting.

There are 5 models available in the ProPette™ LE Multi-Channel series, ranging in volumes from 1 µL - 300 µL. This allows for maximum precision at all volume ranges.

ProPette™ LE pipettors are manufactured using a finely polished stainless steel piston and a chemically resistant, maintenance-free seal to provide reliable accuracy. The micrometer mechanism is protected from thermal expansion, which can cause inaccuracies, with an air-jacketed handle. The jacket ensures continuous, precise pipetting even over long periods of use.

Improved materials make the ProPette™ line of pipettors exceptionally lightweight. Their ergonomically-shaped tip ejector reduces pressure on the thumb. Overall actuation forces and spring pressures have been significantly reduced, lessening the chance for repetitive strain injury.


ItemVolume RangeIncrementAccuracyReproducibility
P5208-10U1-10 μL0.02 μL±8.0-2.0%≤6.00-1.20%
P5208-20U2-20 μL0.02 μL±3.5-1.8%≤3.50-1.00%
P5208-50U5-50 μL0.02 μL±4.0-1.6%≤2.50-0.60%
P5208-200U20-200 μL0.2 μL±3.0-1.0%≤1.50-0.60%
P5208-300U30-300 μL0.2 μL±2.0-1.0%≤1.50-0.60%
Data sheet
Channel Type8 Channel
Volume RangeVariable
OptionsPriceQuantityAdd to cart
 1 to 10 ul 1 to 10 ul $291.75
 20 to 200 ul 20 to 200 ul $291.75
 2 to 20 ul 2 to 20 ul $291.75
 30 to 300 ul 30 to 300 ul $291.75
 5 to 50 ul 5 to 50 ul $291.75

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