Dual Dispensing Paper Towel Holder - Sparkling Canyon Copper

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Dual Dispensing Paper Towel Holder - Sparkling Canyon Copper

Dual Dispensing Paper Towel Holder - Sparkling Canyon Copper


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  • Keep towels dry
  • Neat and clean
  • Easy to fill

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Brand: TrippNT

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This small paper towel dispenser from TrippNT offers durablity and versatility. It is constructed from PETG plastic which helps reduce the risk of cracking and impact stress. Easily mount the paper towel holder to the wall in a laboratory, office, classroom, or other facilities.

The dual dispensing paper towel holder is dual purpose, allowing you to take a single towel at a time from the bottom or to take a stack from the top. It is easy to reload and accommodates most C-, Z-, and multifold paper towels.

You can also add some style to your wall with this attractive Sparkling Canyon Copper color towel holder. It requires very little wall space but provides functionality and a professional clean apperance.


Easy to mount using tape or keyholes
Easy to fill
Provides visual indication of towel supply
Dispenses most Z or C fold paper towels
Holds approximately 150 towels
Neat and attractive appearance
Small paper towel holder requires little space
Made from durable PETG plastic
Sparkling Canyon Copper color
Measures 11 x 6 x 4 inches (w x h x d)



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