Single Box Glove Dispenser - Cat Design

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Single Box Glove Dispenser - Cat Design

Single Box Glove Dispenser - Cat Design

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  • Cat design - 24 colors
  • Dispenses from front and bottom
  • Fits any single glove box
  • 10 x 5 x 4 inches
  • Easy to mount
  • Lifetime guarantee

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Brand: TrippNT

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A glove box holder for all you cat lovers out there! These cat glove box holders are ideal in children's hospitals, family clinics, med centers, dentist offices, veterinarian offices, and class rooms. 

Gloves dispense from both front and bottom. Easy to load from the top and feature a removable lid that protects against dust and debris. Each cat glove box holder comes with mounting tape and keyholes making them easy to fasten to the wall. They also sit nicely on any flat surface.

Made from durable PETG plastic. Resistant to water and fingerprints. Available in 24 colors. Patent pending design.


Cat design cutout 
24 colors available 
Made from durable PETG plastic
Easy to mount
Holds any single box of gloves
10 x 5 x 4 inches
Dispenses from front and bottom
Lifetime guarantee



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OptionsPriceQuantityAdd to cart
 White White $11.99
 Almond Beige Almond Beige $11.99
 Black Black $11.99
 Black Granite Gray Black Granite Gray $11.99
 Charcoal Sand Gray Charcoal Sand Gray $11.99
 Sparkling Canyon Copper Sparkling Canyon Copper $11.99
 Silver Metallic Silver Metallic $11.99
 Gold Metallic Gold Metallic $11.99
 Purple Purple $11.99
 Bahamas Sea Teal Bahamas Sea Teal $11.99
 Gum Drop Purple Gum Drop Purple $11.99
 Global Blue Global Blue $11.99
 Peekaboo Blue Peekaboo Blue $11.99
 Catalina Mist Green Catalina Mist Green $11.99
 Hunter Green Hunter Green $11.99
 Hosta Leaf Green Hosta Leaf Green $11.99
 Ivy Leaf Green Ivy Leaf Green $11.99
 Bright Idea Yellow Bright Idea Yellow $11.99
 Meringue Yellow Meringue Yellow $11.99
 Cherry Red Cherry Red $11.99
 Equestrian Brown Equestrian Brown $11.99
 Georgia Clay Red Brown Georgia Clay Red Brown $11.99
 Saddle Tan Saddle Tan $11.99
 Pumpkin Orang Pumpkin Orang $11.99
 Watermelon Pink Watermelon Pink $11.99

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