Diamond Fixed Volume Pipettes

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Diamond Fixed Volume Pipettes

Diamond Fixed Volume Pipettes

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Diamond ™ Micropipettes  |  Fixed Volume  |  

19 Sizes Available  |  Ergonomic Design  |  

Color Coded for Easy Identification  |  

Accurate and Affordable  |  1 Year Warranty

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Our Price: $104.00

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Globe Scientific Diamond Pipettes


These fixed volume micropipettes from Globe offer a high level of accuracy and precision without the big price tag. Diamond series pipettes are affordable and come backed by a full one year warranty. 

Each Diamond pipette comes with its own individual certificate of calibration and calibration tool. They feature an ergonomic design with a soft feeling plunger that reduces strain and fatigue. The two step plunger also allows for reverse pipetting. Diamond micropipettes are color coded for easy identification and are available in 19 volume choices. 

The lower assembly and tip cones are autoclavable. A unique tip ejector allows access to narrow neck containers and tubes. Every pipette is guaranteed to deliver high accuracy and precision. 


Fixed volume micropipettes
Choose from 19 volume sizes
Ergonomic and comfortable design
Color coded for easy identification
Competitively priced
Autoclavable cone and lower assembly
1 year warranty

These Diamond series pipettes are eligible for special pricing when purchased in quanitity. Use our quick and easy contact form to request a quote or to request information. Click on the banner below or contact us directly by phone or email. 



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OptionsPriceQuantityAdd to cart
 1uL 1uL $104.00
 2uL 2uL $104.00
 5uL 5uL $104.00
 10uL 10uL $104.00
 15uL 15uL $104.00
 20uL 20uL $104.00
 25uL 25uL $104.00
 30uL 30uL $104.00
 40uL 40uL $104.00
 50uL 50uL $104.00
 100uL 100uL $104.00
 200uL 200uL $104.00
 250uL 250uL $104.00
 500uL 500uL $104.00
 1000uL 1000uL $104.00
 2000uL 2000uL $104.00
 3000uL 3000uL $104.00
 5000uL 5000uL $104.00
 10000uL 10000uL $104.00

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