Benchmark Scientific D2400 BeadBlaster Homogenizer

The price of the Benchmark Scientific BeadBlaster 24 Homogenizer is falling with the leaves. Take advantage of this great offer today and save $1,500 off of list price! 

-Fast homogenization of up to 24 samples at a time
-Perfect solution for high throughput laboratories
-Homogenization of most samples in 35 seconds or less
-Sealed tubes prevent cross contamination
-Operator friendly with simple programming
-Accepts 2.0 ml screw cap tubes
-Disposable pre-filled tube kits available
-Typically ships in 1-2 days

Benchmark Scientific, D2400

List: $7,995.00        Previous Sale Price:  $6,795.75  

Now: $6,495.00 



Benchmark Scientific Prefilled Bead Kits

Buy two packs of beads and get one free with the purchase of a Benchmark BeadBlaster 24! Add two packs to your cart at checkout and tell us what free pack you want in the order notes!

A variety of prefilled tubes are available for homogenizing samples including those with stainless steel, glass and Triple-Pure™ zirconium beads. All three bead types are acid washed and processed to remove nucleases and proteases. The Triple-Pure bead tubes undergo special handling during filling and are quality tested to ensure the elimination of DNase, RNase, protease, and nucleic acids. When samples are used for molecular biology applications, the high purity of the Triple-Pure beads is preferred.


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