Registering An Account

To create an account at, click the "Login / Register" link in the top right corner of our website. Under the "New Customer" column, simply add your email address and click "Create an Account". You'll be forwarded to your "My Account" page where you can add addresses and contact information.


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Shop Search

If you're looking for a particular product or item number, use the search bar in the header of by typing in the item number or product name. As you type, a drop-down will appear listing all the closest matches to your search term. Click the magnifying glass icon to the right of the search bar to show product results or click on any of the items that appear in the drop-down. If the description does not locate the product needed, try using a more general search term.


If you're not looking for a specific product, you can browse our website using the navigation menu in the left column. All of our most popular categories are displayed. If you the category you need isn't listed in the menu, click on the "See All Categories" link. This will take you to a page that highlights all of our product categories and brands.


To use the menu, simply mouse over the category links and a subcategory will expend where there are additional options. Select the category you want by clicking on the link in the menu windows.


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How To Order

We've made it easier and faster to order online at Add products to your shopping cart from product pages, use our quick order form or purchase directly from quotes provided in your My Account page. Another benefit of creating an account online is the ability to reorder your most common items with a simple click of the mouse from your My Orders page.


You can also place orders by phone, fax or email.


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Requesting Quotes

There are a couple convenient ways to request a quote from If you need pricing for a single item, click on the "Request a Quote" link right from the product page. This link is found next to the Add to Cart button. A window will popup for you to provide contact details so an Account Manager can respond.


You can also quote multiple products quickly from your cart. Simply add all the items you need to your cart. Click on the cart icon in the top right of our website and you'll be taken to the cart summary page. Click on the "Request Quote" button below your items. A drop-down will open allowing you to provide contact details.


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