Mini Pipettes Make Food Better

Mini Pipettes Make Food Better

Foodtrepreneurs (I made that up), bakeries and other food related companies use a wide range of supplies. Containers and other disposables are among the most common. But more recently, mini pipettes have become a must-have tool among the baking elites. And they’re adding a lot of flavor.

What Are Mini Pipettes?


Mini pipettes are a common item found in laboratories and other research facilities. They are used to transfer small volumes of liquid between vessels with limited access. These kind of mini pipettes, also referred to as droppers, are usually disposable and made from various types of plastics. Like an eye dropper, they have a bulb that is squeezed to aspirate fluid into the pipette and squeezed again to dispense fluid as needed. Various sizes are available with options like larger bulbs, drop size repeatability, narrow stems, short stems, etc. Typically speaking, mini pipettes range in volume sizes from less than 1ml up to 4ml. The most common sizes are 1.2ml, 1.3ml. These are the ones most popular among foodies.

Mini Pipettes For Food


mini pipettes for food

Image credit: Foodspotting

As unique foods become more trendy, professionals and foodies are getting more clever. New tools, new tricks and plenty of exciting new flavors are necessary to keep even the kitchen elite on their toes. Flavor infusion before and as part of the food presentation is gaining popularity. Presentation is on the top of every foodie’s priority list, usually ranking right beneath flavor. It is a must that the dish look stunning while also possessing the WOW factor in the taste department. Take for example the caprese salad pipette seen in the image to the right. Pretty neat right?! Needless to say, the pipette is the star of the show.

Mini Pipettes For Cupcakes

Though there are many ways small pipettes are used with food, the most common seems to be with cupcakes. As you probably know, we are in the midst of a cupcake frenzy. These delicious mini frosted cakes have always been a crowd pleaser. But more recently, they’ve become the number one dessert and snack choice. This is largely in part to do with creative bakers getting more and more adventurous in the kitchen. Cupcakes have become their art. Fancy designs, new flavors, exciting new packaging and even the ability to ship them around the country are just some of the things that are elevating cupcakes to super stardom. Heck, a small cupcake company earned an investment on the popular ‘Shark Tank‘ show. Needless to say, it seems cupcakes are here to stay. But enough of all that. Where do pipettes have a place in all this?

mini pipettes for cupcakes

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First of all, they are typically made from food safe plastics. They are disposable (less clean up is always nice), pleasantly cheap and work perfectly as flavor infusers. Folks are using plastic mini pipettes to inject various flavored liquids into cupcakes and other foods. Fruits are also getting the stab. Kiwis, bananas and strawberries are injected with light creams, liquers and unique flavorings.

Where to Buy Mini Pipettes


Glad you asked! You can buy mini pipettes from M2 Scientifics. The popular 1.2 ml and 1.3 ml pipettes come in packs of 500 at an economic price! Don’t need 500? Check out our other pack sizes on our Etsy store! They are made from high-quality LDPE and packaged in a convenient dispenser box. Custom pack sizes are available upon request. If you use them often, case quantities of 5000 are discounted nicely.

So now that you have some ideas and know where to get them, what food will you jazz up with some of these amazing flavor infusers?

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