RADWAG AS 220.3Y Analytical Balance, 220 g x 0.1 mg

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RADWAG AS 220.3Y Analytical Balance, 220 g x 0.1 mg

RADWAG AS 220.3Y Analytical Balance, 220 g x 0.1 mg

AS 220.3Y

New product

  • Professional grade analytical balance
  • LevelSENSING electronic level system
  • Automatic internal calibration
  • Multiple weighing functions
  • 5.7" color touchscreen display
  • Expansive communication interface
  • Built-in touchless IR sensors
  • 2 year warranty
  • Typically ships in 2-3 days

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RADWAG AS 220.3Y Analytical Balance

The AS 220.3Y analytical balance features a 5.7" color touch screen display that can be separated from the weighing module allowing even more reliable measurement results. The on-screen menu is easy to navigate through a combination of convenient prompts and icons. Automatic internal calibration is included with an internal mass standard. The patented electronic LevelSENSING system ensures the balance is level at all times. The AS 220.3Y features a large communication interface that connects to a variety of external devices including printers and PCs. Data can be printed in custom formats and in accordance with GLP/GMP requirements.



5.7" Color Touchscreen Display: The large 5.7" color touchscreen display makes AS 3Y balances user-friendly and menu navigation easy. The display is removable allowing remote control of the weighing module.


Patented Electronic Level Sensor: Every AS 3Y balance includes LevelSENSING, the patented level monitoring system from RADWAG. An alarm will sound when the balance is out of acceptable level and provides an on-screen graphic level indicator. Users can also program acceptable tilt parameters.


Convenient Draftshield Design: Draftshield glass panels and components can be easily removed to allow cleaning and sterilization when necessary.


Communication Interface: Enjoy the convenient of multiple connectivity options to peripherals including PC connection, printers and other accessories. Includes 2 x RS232, 2 x USB, Ethernet, 4 inputs/4 outputs (digital)


IR Touchless Sensors: Infrared sensors located on both sides of the display allow the user to complete functions like print and tare with a simple wave of their hand. Sensitivity of the sensors are adjustable.



Max capacity220 g
Readability0.1 mg
Repeatability0.1 mg
Linearity± 0.2 mg
FunctionsWeighing, underhook weighing, animal weighing, formulation, pipette calibration, density determination, dosing, percent weighing, checkweighing, parts counting, statistics
Minimum weight10 mg
CalibrationAutomatic, Internal
Stabilization time3.5 s
Pan Sizeø 100 mm
Working temperature10-40 °C
Power supply120V
Adjustment/CalibrationInternal, automatic
Display5.7'' color touchscreen w/IR sensors
Interface2×RS 232, 2 x USB, Ethernet, 4 inputs/4 outputs, Optional wireless connection 
Warranty2 year manufacturer
Order InfoRADWAG AS 220.3Y

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