RADWAG AS 220.X2 Analytical Balance, 220 g x 0.1 mg

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RADWAG AS 220.X2 Analytical Balance, 220 g x 0.1 mg

RADWAG AS 220.X2 Analytical Balance, 220 g x 0.1 mg

AS 220.X2

New product

  • Affordable, accurate and user-friendly balance
  • Innovative customizable display and menu
  • 5" color touchscreen makes operation simple
  • Expansive communication interface
  • Multiple-user operation and databases
  • Record up to 500,000 weighing records
  • Built-in touchless IR sensors
  • 2 year warranty
  • Typically ships in 2-3 days

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Our Price: $1,520.00


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RADWAG AS 220.X2 Analytical Balance

Representing the advanced level of analytical balances from RADWAG, the AS 220.X2 offers impressive weighing performance, user-friendly operation, innovative user customization and extremely versatile communication. The AS 220.X2 is the first analytical balance on the market to allow customization of the on-screen display and menu through the selection of user-selected widgets. This provides each unique user with the ability to operate the AS 220.X2 in a manner that best suits their day-to-day weighing tasks. A 5" color touchscreen display makes the balance easy and comfortable to use.



Innovative Screen Customization: X2 series analytical balances are the first in the market to allow users to create their own on-screen menu through the selection of widgets, much like a smartphone!


5" Color Touchscreen: The large 5" color touchscreen display makes X2 balances user-friendly and menu navigation easy. Operators can use the balance with gloves on as well. No need to remove exam gloves during weighing tasks!


Expansive Communication Interface: Enjoy the convenient of multiple connectivity options to peripherals including PC connection, printers and other accessories. Includes 2 x RS232, USB-A, USB-B, Ethernet and optional Wifi connectivity.


ALIBI Memory: X2 series balances feature ALIBI memory that provides safety and automatic recording of your measurements. Options such as data preview, copying and archiving are available to users as well. Store up to 500,000 weighing records.



Max capacity220 g
Readability0.1 mg
Repeatability0.1 mg
Linearity± 0.2 mg
FunctionsWeighing, underhook weighing, animal weighing, pipette calibration, density determination, dosing, percent weighing, checkweighing, parts counting, statistics
Minimum weight10 mg
CalibrationAutomatic, Internal
Stabilization time3.5 s
Pan Sizeø 100 mm
Working temperature10-40 °C
Power supply120V
Adjustment/CalibrationInternal, automatic
Display5'' color touchscreen
Interface2×RS 232, USB-A, USB-B, Ethernet, Optional wireless connection 
Warranty2 year manufacturer
Order InfoRADWAG AS 220.X2

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