A&D Analytical Balance - HR Orion Series

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A&D Analytical Balance - HR Orion Series

A&D Analytical Balance - HR Orion Series

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  • Analytical 4 decimal balances
  • External calibration
  • Multiple weighing units
  • Highly durable and precise
  • 5 year warranty

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 HR Orion Series Analytical Balance

The HR Series Orion Analytical Balance is an affordable, yet durable, balance constructed from a die-cast alluminum alloy. With a large weighing chamber, the A&D Orion Analytical Balance allows you to conveniently weigh samples contained in 250 mL volumetric flask. The multi-functional weighing feature of the A&D HR Series Orion Analytical Balance allows you to capture data in any of the following units: percentage, counting, grams, mg, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, mom, GN, t, and TL.

A&D Weighing Orion Analytical Balance Features

External Calibration
NTEP CofC# 97-084
Percentage and Counting Modes
Digital Preset Tare
One Touch Printing
Last Digit Suppression
Standard Underhook
Optional Rechargeable Battery Pack
GLP/LIMS/ISO Compliant
RS-232C Option or Standard
5 Year Warranty

HR Orion Series Analytical Balances Specifications

Capacity/Resolution HR-60 HR-120 HR-200 HR-300i
Gram (g) 60x0.0001 120x0.0001 210x0.0001 320x0.0001
(mg) 60000x0.1 120000x0.1 210000x0.1 320000x0.1
Decimal Ounce (oz) 2.1x0.000005 4.2x0.000005 7.4x0.000005 11.29x0.00001
Troy Ounce (ozt) 1.9x0.000005 3.8x0.000005 6.7x0.000005 10.3x0.00001
Pennyweight (dwt) 38x0.0001 77x0.0001 135x0.0001 199x0.0001
Carat (ct) 300x0.001 600x0.001 1050x0.001 1550x0.001
Momme (mom) 16x0.00005 32x0.00005 56x0.00005 82x0.0001
Grain Unit (GN) 925x0.002 1851x0.002 3240x0.002 4784x0.002
Tola (t) 5x0.00001 10x0.00001 18x0.00001 26x0.00001
Tael (TL) 1.5x0.000005 3.1x0.000005 5.5x0.000005 8.2x0.00001
Percentage Min Div 0.01%, 0.1% or 1% (auto prompt)
Counting Min Weight 0.1 mg
Linearity   ±0.0002 g   0.0002 mg
Repeatability/Std Dev   0.0001 g   ±0.0003 mg
Stabilization Time   3 seconds (typically)   Approx. 3.5 seconds
Sensitivity Drift (10°C-30°C) ±2ppm/°C (when automatic self calibration is not used)
Display Refresh 5 times per second/10 times per second
Pan Size Ø 85 mm/3.3 inches Ø 90 mm/3.6 inches
Physical Dimensions (mm) 213(W) x 319(D) x 301(H) 217(W) x 442(D) x 316(H)
(in) 8.4(W) x 12.6(D) x 11.9(H) 8.54(W) x 17.4(D) x 12.24(H)
Breeze Break Dimensions (mm) 180(W) x 192(D) x 200 H) 164(W) x 148.5(D) x 251(H)
(in) 7.1(W) x 7.5(D) x 7.9(H) 6.45(W) x 5.84(D) x 9.88(H)
Operating Temperature 5C to 40C (41 F to 104 F), 85% RH or less (no condensation)
Weight Approximately 5.7 kg/12.5 lb Approximately 8.0 kg/17.6 lb
Power 100, 120, 220, 240 VAC (AC Adaptor) 50 Hz/60 Hz
10 hours continuous operation with rechargeable battery pack
100, 120, 220, 240 VAC (AC Adapter)
50 Hz/60 Hz, 11 VA
Standard Accessories Manual, AC Adapter, Protective Cover WinCT in CD-ROM, Manual, AC Adapter
Ext. Cal. Mass (optional) 50 g 100 g 200 g 300 g/200 g/100 g

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