A&D Analytical Balance - GH Phoenix Series

A&D Analytical Balance - GH Phoenix Series


  • 4 Decimal Analytical Balances
  • Built-in Motorized Calibration Weight
  • Multiple Weighing Units
  • Anti-static Glass
  • RS-232C Interface
  • 5 year warranty

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A&D Analytical Balance - GH Phoenix Series

A&D Analytical Balance - GH Phoenix Series

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 GH Series Phoenix Analytical Balances

The GH Series Phoenix Analytical Balances from AND Weighing are feature loaded and offer affordable quality.
These 4 decimal analytical balances offer resolution to 0.01 mg and feature a built-in motorized calibration weight. The tall weighing chamber allows for larger sample weighing and the anti-static glass minimizes static effects. The GH Series balances are capable of measuring in multiple weighing units, including g, mg, oz, ozt, ct, mom, GN, t, and TL.
GH Series 4 decimal analytical balances offer percentage and counting modes, data memory, RS-232C interface, and one-touch environmental filters. But that isn't all. The Phoenix series balances are feature loaded, manufactured to high quality standards, are easy to use, and are affordable.

A&D GH Series Phoenix Analytical Balance Features

Resolution to 0.1mg
Percentage and Counting Modes
Multiple Weighing Units
Standard Underhook
Data Memory (up to 200)
Anti-Static Glass
Built-in Motorized Calibration Weight
Automatic or Manual Full Digital Calibration
One Touch Environmental Filters
GLP/LIMS/ISO Compliant
RS-232CA&D WinCT Software Standard
Time & Date
5 Year Warranty

GH Series Analytical Balances Specifications


Decimal Ounce (oz)4.23x0.000017.76x0.0000111.29x0.00001
Troy Ounce (ozt)3.86x0.000017.07x0.0000110.29x0.00001
Pennyweight (dwt)77.2x0.0001141.5x0.0001205.8x0.0001
Carat (ct)600x0.0011100x0.0011600x0.001
Momme (mom)32.0x0.000158.7x0.000185.3x0.0001
Grain Unit (GN)1852x0.0023395x0.0024938x0.002
Tola (t)10.29x0.0000118.86x0.0000127.44x0.00001
Tael (TL)3.20x0.000015.87x0.000018.53x0.00001
Percentage Min Div0.01%, 0.1% or 1% (auto prompt)
Counting Min Weight0.1 mg
Linearity0.1 mg0.1 mg0.2 mg
Repeatability/Std Dev±0.2 mg±0.2 mg±0.3 mg
Stabilization TimeApprox. 3.5 sec (0.1 mg)/8 sec (0.01 mg)
Sensitivity Drift (10°C-30°C)±2ppm/°C (when automatic self calibration is not used)
Display Refresh5 times per second/10 times per second
Pan SizeØ 90 mm/3.6 inches
Physical Dimensions(mm)217(W) x 442(D) x 316(H)
(in)8.54(W) x 17.4(D) x 12.24(H)
Breeze Break Dimensions(mm)164(W) x 148.5(D) x 251(H)
(in)6.45(W) x 5.84(D) x 9.88(H)
Operating Temperature5C to 40C (41 F to 104 F), 85% RH or less (no condensation)
WeightApprox. 8.2 kg/18 lb
Power100, 120, 220, 240 VAC (AC Adapter) 50 Hz/60 Hz, 11 VA
Standard AccessoriesWinCT in CD-ROM, Manual, AC Adapter
Ext. Cal. Mass (optional)50 g/100 g100 g/200 g100 g/200 g /300 g



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