A&D Precision Mass Comparators - MC Series

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A&D Precision Mass Comparators - MC Series

A&D Precision Mass Comparators - MC Series

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Internal Calibration  |  Auto-centering Pan Options  |  

Win-CT Software  |  GLP/LIMS/ISO Compliance  |  

Multiple Weighing Units  |  Bright VFD Display  |  

Super Hybrid Sensor Technology (SHS)  |  Underhook

AND Weighing 5 Year Warranty

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 A&D Weighing Mass Comparators


The MC Series Precision Mass Comparators features internal calibration and a compact Super Hybrind Sensor to provide a fast and accurate reading. With the ability to capture multiple weighing units, the MC Series Precision Mass Comparators can capture your data in g, oz., lb, lb-oz., troy oz., ct, dwt, grain, and momme. 

The MC Series precision mass comparators may also be used as high resolution balances. Display weighing results with an extra decimal place not normally found in balances of this capacity. The extended resolution allows measurements of minute weight changes of heavy objects and small variations with heavy tare containers. Versatile. Durable. Comprehensive. 



Precious metal weighing  |  Fill ratio of gas cylinders  |  Manufacturing  |  Moisture content of catalysts
Electronic and semiconductor manufacturing  |  Extended resolution precision balance  
Discharge from feeders (loss-in-weight)  |  Pharmaceutical manufacturing  |  Precision check-weighing
Particles trapped by particulate filters   |  and more.....


Internal Calibration
Super Hybrid Sensor Technology
Manage ASTM & OIML Weights
Auto-centering Pan Options
RS-232C Standard
Win-CT Software
Auto Environmental Adjustment
Counting/Percentage/Comparator Modes
Multiple Weighing Units
Bright VFD Display
GLP/LIMS/ISO Compliance
Internal Calibration Standard
5 Year Warranty


The MC Series mass comparators from AND Weighing are eligible for our volume discount pricing program. All balances, scales, and accessories from A&D are eligible. Stock up on all of your weighing equipment from M2 Scientifics and save. Contact us for more details and pricing. 

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