A&D Production Weighing Systems

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A&D Production Weighing Systems

A&D Production Weighing Systems

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  • Production Weighing Systems
  • High Resolution
  • Dust and Splash Proof 

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The 4212 Series commercial production weighing systems from A&D Weighing are verstaile and highly responsive. They are dust and splash-proof which makes them rugged and suitable for use in any industrial environment. These weighing systems are feature a compact weighing sensor that can be placed anywhere in your production line. Easy data collection is made possible by the standard RS-232C interface and winCT software. 

They are ideal for high-speed check-weighing, precision weight filling, precision dispensing, isolated weighing, and many other applciations. All of the 4212 series production weighing systems offer high precision weighing resolution thanks to A&D's Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) technology.


High Resolution with Fast Response
Compact weighing sensor can be placed anywhere in the production line
Dust and splash-proof protection of keypad and display complies with IP-54
Standard RS-232C interface and winCT software for easy data collection

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