Methanol, ACS Grade, ChemPure Chemicals

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Methanol, ACS Grade, ChemPure Chemicals

Methanol, ACS Grade, ChemPure Chemicals

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  • Molecular Formula: CH3OH
  • Chemical name: Methanol, Methyl Alcohol
  • Weight: >99.0%
  • Density: 0.7918
  • Formula Weight: 32.04
  • MDL: MFCD00004595
  • Grade: ACS grade
  • See Resources for MSDS/SDS

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Methanol, ACS Grade, ChemPure Chemicals


Chemical NameMethanol, ACS
ComponentMethyl Alcohol
GradeACS grade
Molecular FormulaCH3OH
Formula Weight32.04
AppearanceClear, colorless liquid
OdorMild alcohol
Melting PointNot available
Boiling Point73.9°C (165°F)
Flash Point11°C (52°F) Closed Cup
FlammabilityFlammable, Limits: Lower: 6.0%, Upper: 36.0%
Vapor Pressure(at 20°C) 129.32 hPa
Vapor Density(air = 1) 1.11
MDL NumberMFCD00004595
UN Number1230
SolubilityCompletely soluble in water
Partition coefficient: n-octanol/waterNot Available
Auto-ignition temperature464°C (864°F)
Chemical StabilityStable

ChemPure Chemical


Safety & Handling Information


  • Irritation can occur if exposure to eyes and skin
  • Toxic if absorbed through skin or swallowed
  • Inhalation can cause respiratory tract irritation, drowsiness, central nervous system depression
  • Use proper grounding and ventilation on storage
  • Keep away from source ignition, no smoking, and avoid electrostatic charge
  • Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated area between 55-100°F for product stability
  • Ensure container is properly sealed and plainly-labeled
  • Do not store around strong oxidizing agents, strong acids, peroxides, aldehydes, halogens, ammonia, acid anhydrides or alkali metals


Personal Protection

EyesChemical Safety Glasses/goggles, potential use of splash shields
InhalationLocal exhaust, preferably mechanical. Excess levels require use of approved respirator
SkinNitrile or rubber gloves, apron or lab coat

CAS 67-56-1

The Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS/SDS) for ACS Grades

Download (204.57k)

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