Dichloromethane, HPLC Grade, ChemPure Chemicals

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Dichloromethane, HPLC Grade, ChemPure Chemicals

Dichloromethane, HPLC Grade, ChemPure Chemicals

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  • Molecular Formula: CH2Cl2
  • Chemical name: Dichloromethane (methylene chloride)
  • Weight: >99.9%
  • Density: 1.33
  • Formula Weight: 84.93
  • MDL: MFCD0000881
  • Grade: HPLC grade, 4L Glass Bottle
  • See Resources tab for MSDS/SDS

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Dichloromethane, ACS grade, ChemPure Chemicals


GC Analysis99.9 % Min
Density at 25 C (g/mL)1.315 - 1.321
DescriptionClear colorless liquid
Water by Karl Fischer Titration0.01% Max
UV Cutoff233 nm
Electron Capture GC10
Residue1 ng/L
Refractive Index (20ºC)1.4236-1.4246 mg/L
Acidity (as HCl)1
Chloride10 mg/L
Flame Ionization GC (as nonane)5 mg/L
UV Absorbance @ 240 nm0.1
UV Absorbance @ 250 nm0.01
UV Absorbance @ 300 nm0.005
UV Absorbance @ 400 nm0.005
Contains Amylene Preservative 

Chemical NameDichloromethane
GradeHPLC grade
Molecular FormulaCH2Cl2
Formula Weight84.93 g/mol
Density1.325 g/cm3
AppearanceColorless liquid
OdorNot Available
Odor thresholdNot Available
pHNot Available
Melting Point-97°C (-143°F)
Boiling Point39°C (103°F)
Flash PointNot Available
Evaporation rate0.71
FlammabilityFlammable, Upper: 19% (V) Lower: 12% (V)
Vapor Pressure470.9 hPa (353.2 mmHg) at 20°C (68°F)
Vapor Density2.93 (air=1)
MDL NumberMFCD0000881
UN Number1593
SolubilitySoluble in methanol, diethyl ether, n-octanol, acetone. Partially soluble in water.
Partition coefficient: n-octanol/waterlog Pow: 1.25
Auto-ignition temperature556°C (1,032°F)
Decomposition TemperatureNot Available
Chemical StabilityStable

ChemPure Chemical

Health HazardExclamation Mark

Safety & Handling Information

  • Causes eye and skin irritation
  • May be harmful if inhaled, irritation can occur to the respiratory tract
  • Potential drowsiness and dizziness from vapors
  • May be harmful if swallowed
  • Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated area between 55-100°F for product stability
  • Store with container tightly secured, avoid formation of aerosols
  • Do not store around alkali metals, aluminum, strong oxidizing agents, bases, amines, magnesium, strong acids, strong bases, vinyl compounds

Personal Protection

EyesChemical Safety Glasses/goggles, potential use of splash shields
InhalationLocal exhaust, preferably mechanical. Excess levels require use of approved respirator
SkinNitrile or rubber gloves, apron or lab coat. Type of PPE must be selected according to concentration and amount of dangerous substance

CAS 75-09-2

The Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS/SDS) for Dichloromethane ACS, and GC/HPLC Grade

Download (192.97k)

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