• Cabinets

    Specimen pass-through cabinets and turn table cabinets available in several standard sizes. Double-door security cabinets are ideal in pharmacies, doctors offices and hospitals. Durable stainless steel pass through and turn table narcotics cabinets are secure and built-to-last. 

  • Lab Tables
    Lab Tables

    Lab tables provide a versatile work station solution. They are ideal for use in many work spaces including laboratories, hospitals, dental offices, private practices, quality control labs, manufacturing facilities, and more. Our lab tables are offered in a diverse selection of sizes and features in order to provide you with the best possible work station solution. Get organized for less with M2 Scientifics.

  • Lab Drying Racks
    Lab Drying Racks

    Lab Drying Racks and Pegboards

    lab drying rack pegboards wall mount

    A Lab drying rack offers the best solution for drying glassware and other vessels. M2 Scientifics provides a large selection of quality wall mount laboratory drying racks. Choose from stainless steel, epoxy and acrylic pegboards available in many popular sizes. Most of our drying racks are in-stock and ship the same or next day. Need a custom size? No problem! M2 Scientifics can work with you to manufacture the ideal drying rack for your laboratory. Custom sizes, peg configurations and materials can be accomplished in most cases. 


    Stainless Steel Lab Drying Racks

    Stainless steel lab drying racks from Inter Dyne Systems are also known as a 'Mod-Rack' pegboard. Mod-Racks are customizable with a variety of accessories. Some of these items include flask holders, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, glove box holders, drain shelves and more. When you purchase a Mod-Rack pegboard, you have the capability of customizing it to suit your work space needs. Mod-Racks are made from 20 gauge type 304 stainless steel and polished to a # 4 finish. They are corrosion resistant, durable, autoclavable and versatile. Every stainless steel pegboard includes white 6" polypropylene pegs, wall mount bracket and hardware and instructions. Wall mountable lab drying racks are quick and simple to install with the included mounting bracket. Stainless steel laboratory pegboards with a drain will include 3 feet of drain hose as well.



    Fasten to wall using included mounting bracket and hardware. Installation is quick and easy with basic hand tools.


    Epoxy Lab Drying Racks

    Epoxy lab drying racks are popular among university labs and science classrooms. They are made from 1" thick black epoxy resin, mimiking the look and durability of popular epoxy counter tops. Every epoxy pegboard includes 5.5" black polypropylene pegs. White pegs can be substituted upon request with no additional charge. Face-mount and under-mount drip troughs can be added. Choose from 2" or 4" pegboard drip troughs. Drip troughs are available in many common sizes to fit all standard sized epoxy laboratory drying racks.



    Due to their weight, it is recommended epoxy drying racks are mounted directly to a wall or solid structure using appropriate hardware like wall anchors and other strong fasteners. They should always be fastened directly to a stud to support their weight. Typical installation includes drilling holes, one at each corner, and using as the mounting points to fasten to the wall. Drill your epoxy pegboard with care! Small pilot holes should be started before drilling the finished hole. Make sure there is adequate material around the area you intend to drill so prevent cracking and splitting of the epoxy. Basic hand tools and power tools needed.


    Acrylic Lab Drying Racks

    Acrylic lab drying racks are becoming more and more popular. They offer a unique feature that no other pegboards do; clarity. The clear acrylic allows light to pass through and brighten work areas. In many cases, pegboards are affixed to shelving uprights, counter top ends or work station dividers. Acrylic pegboards are a great option in these instances where lighting is of utmost importance. They are made from either 3/4" or 1" thick clear acrlic. Edges are eased and flame polished to provide a visually attractive product and to increase safety. No sharp edges! White 5.5" polypropylene pegs are included with every acrylic drying rack. Black pegs are also available upon request with no additional charge. Face-mounted and under-mounted drip troughs can be added to acrylic pegboards. Choose from several standard sizes and peg configurations.



    Acrylic laboratory pegboards are installed in much the same fashion as epoxy pegboards (read above). Be sure to take extra precautions when drilling mounting holes. Acrylic is a plastic so it can scratch easier than epoxy or stainless steel. Basic hand tools and power tools needed.

    laboratory drying racks

  • Glove Dispensers
    Glove Dispensers
    M2 Scientifics offers a large selection quality glove dispensers. Choose from a wide variety of colors, sizes and styles. Available in plastic and stainless steel. They are all wall mountable or sit nicely on a flat surface. Great selection at discounted prices.
  • Lab Carts
    Lab Carts

    Labo carts, medical carts and lab tables available from M2 Scientifics at discounted prices. Choose from a diverse selection of sizes and features suited to fit your storage and organizing needs. Many of our laboratory carts are covered by an outstanding lifetime guarantee and are available at highly attractive price points. Get organized for less with lab carts and lab tables from M2 Scientifics.

  • Mobile Device Stands
    Mobile Device Stands
    These handy mobile device stands work with smartphones and tablets. They are ideal for iPhone, Samsung, and most other brands. An integrated natural sound amplifier improves your listening experience and increases your device's audible range. These mobile device stands are made from durable acrylic and are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Available at a great price from M2 Scientifics.
  • MRI Storage
    MRI Storage
    MRI carts and storage products for hospitals and medical research facilities. Made from non-ferrous materials.
  • Laboratory Storage Bins
    Laboratory Storage Bins
    M2 Scientifics offers a large line of laboratory storage bins, drawer organizers, trays, general storage bins, dispensing bins, and much more. Products are available from brands you can trust like TrippNT, Heathrow Scientific, and more. We've got you covered for all of your lab storage and organizing needs.
  • Paper Towel
    Paper Towel
    M2 Scientifics offers a variety of paper towel dispensers suited for use in many working environments. Many options are available. Choose color, size, load style, patterns, and more. Paper towel dispensers are durable and great for use in laboratories, med centers, clinics, hospitals, dentist offices, daycare centers, public restrooms, and many others. If you are furnishing a new lab or facility and need to outfit many areas with paper towel holders and dispensers, please contact us for a special pricing quote.
  • Lab Shelving
    Lab Shelving

    High-quality line of laboratory and hospital shelving. Choose from wall-mounted, free standing and counter top shelving units. All shelving system components are manufactured from quality materials. Wall-mounted and free-standing lab shelving can be assembled and custom manufactured to fit your needs. Building a new lab? Send us your blue prints and shelving requirements and we will build you a shelving system that is ideal for your space.

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