Lab Equipment 

  • Balances and Scales
    Balances and Scales

    Shop our large selection of laboratory balances and weighing scales. Trusted brands at every day low prices. Analytical balances, precision balances, microbalances, retail and industrial scales and more. Weighing tables and accessories are available for most lab balances available from M2 Scientifics. Our Best Deal Guarantee ensures you get the best deal on every product from a single source. Can't find the balance or scale you need? Contact customer support and an Account Manager will gladly help you find it, even if we don't have it.

  • Baths & Circulators
    Baths & Circulators
  • Bunsen Burners
    Bunsen Burners
  • Calorimeters

    M2 Scientifics is proud to offer the IKA line of oxygen bomb calorimeters. They are the market leaders when it comes to determining calorific values of liquid and solid samples. The comprehensive line of calorimeters from IKA are designed to work for a variety of demands. The C 200 calorimeter is an entry level unit that is both cost effective and easy to use. It is an ideal choice for colleges and universities as a teaching unit while the C 5000 is the only calorimeter of its kind in the world combining three methods into a single device. IKA has a calorimeter available for any demand. As to be expected from IKA, their line of oxygen bomb calorimeters represent superb quality, reliability, functionality, safety, and value. Contact us for details regarding package pricing and accessories available.

  • Centrifuges

    Shop our large selection of laboratory centrifuges. Trusted brands at every day low prices. Mini centrifuges, multi-purpose- and large capacity centrifuges available. Accessories are available for most centrifuges available from M2 Scientifics. Our Price Match Guarantee ensures you get the best deal on every product from a single source. Can't find the laboratory centrifuge you need? Contact customer support and an Account Manager will gladly help you find it, even if we don't have it

  • Dispensers

    Just enough when you need it. Dispensers allow supplies and liquids to be used on-demand and in the quantity or volume that is needed. Dispense only what is needed and reduce waste and loss. Liquid handling dispensers perform accurate and reliable dispensing of common liquids found in the laboratory while containers like glove dispensers and paper towel dispensers make cleanup and safety more accessible.

  • Dry Block Heaters
    Dry Block Heaters
  • Dry Ice Maker
    Dry Ice Maker

    Save money and make your own dry ice. Protect your budget and be your own supplier. Dry-ice making equipment available from trusted brands at discount prices. 

  • Electrophoresis

    Electrophoresis is used in laboratories to separate macromolecules based on size. The technique applies a negative charge so proteins move towards a positive charge. Electrophoresis is used for both DNA and RNA analysis.

  • Filtration Systems
    Filtration Systems

    Laboratory filtration systems from brands like Foxx Life Sciences and their innovative Autofil ® vacuum filtration system. Complete lab filtering systems and accessories including bottles, adapters, filters and more. Bottle top vacuum filtration systems with accessories like stands, bottles, filters, caps, adapters and more.

  • Frames, Supports & Clamps
    Frames, Supports & Clamps
  • Grinding Mills
    Grinding Mills
    Grinding mills and accessories from IKA. Quality lab equipment products available from M2 Scientifics at discounted prices. Save more on IKA products and get more from your purchase.
  • Homogenizers
    M2 Scientifics features homogenizers from Benchmark.
  • Hotplates
    Hotplates are a commonly used piece of laboratory equipment. Choose a hotplate that is right for you. M2 Scientifics, LLC offers stand-alone hotplates as well as combination hotplate stirrers.
  • Incubators

    M2 Scientifics offers a comprehensive line of laboratory incubator shakers from quality brands like IKA ®, Talboys, and Benchmark Scientific. We are certain that we have an incubator unit that will work for your lab. A complete line of accessories and attachments are available that are sure to fit most glassware and sample vessels. Lab equipment from brands you can trust at discounted prices. Get more from M2 Scientifics.

  • Lab Rockers
    Lab Rockers
  • Lab Shakers
    Lab Shakers
  • Lab Software
    Lab Software
    Lab software, programs, and accessories use to control, manage, and export data for many manufacturers. Laboratory software is essential for managing multiple pieces of lab equipment and storing data.
  • Lab Water Purification
    Lab Water Purification
  • Magnetic Stirrers
    Magnetic Stirrers

    Shop our large selection of laboratory magnetic stirrers and accessories. Trusted brands at every day low prices. Single position, double position, and 4 position magenetic stirrers and hot plates available. Our Price Match Guarantee ensures you get the best deal on every product from a single source. Can't find the magnetic stirrer you need? Contact customer support and an Account Manager will gladly help you find it, even if we don't have it

  • Melting Point Meters
    Melting Point Meters
    Melting point meters from Kruss Scientific.
  • Microplate Sealers
    Microplate Sealers
  • Microscopes

    Shop laboratory microscopes at M2 Scientifics. Choose from a wide range of professional microscopes suited for any budget. Microscopy accessories including objectives, microscope slides, smear tools and more! We offer microscopes for K-12 education, universities, research laboratories and more. Special pricing provided for academic institutions, goverment and non-profit organizations.

  • Ovens
  • Overhead Stirrers
    Overhead Stirrers

    Overhead stirrers are commonly used for simple, medium duty, and intensive stirring applications in a laboratory. We have stirrers available with various capacity and speed capabilities, as well as a comprehensive line of accessories like stands and stirring propellers. M2 Scientifics has stirring equipment you need to complete any task at hand. Choose from brands like IKA®, Talboys, and more. All overhead stirrers and accessories are eligible for our volume discount pricing program. Buy more. Save more. Your Tools for Discovery.™

  • PCR Thermal Cyclers
    PCR Thermal Cyclers

    Thermal Cyclers a most commonly used to amplify segments of DNA via the polymerase chain reaction or PCR. Thermal cyclers may also be used in laboratories to facilitate other temperature-sensitive reactions, including restriction enzyme digestion or rapid diagnostics.

  • Pipettes

    M2 Scientifics offers a large selection of pipettes and pipettors from brands you can trust. Choose from brands like Accumax, Accupet, Capp, Globe, Ritter, and other reputable names. We've got you covered on all of your liquid dispensing needs with single and multi channel pipettes, repeater pipettes, electronic pipettes, and pipette controllers. Fixed volume and adjustable volume units are available in a variety of sizes and options. Every pipette we carry is backed by warranty, features an ergonomic design so they are comfortable to use, and are competitively priced. We also offer a complete line of accessories like pipette stands, carousels, controller cones, replacement batteries, and more.

  • Rotary Evaporators
    Rotary Evaporators
  • Sonicators

    Sonicators are powerful pieces of liquid processing equipment. Using ultrasonic vibrations, they are able to process or mix samples quickly and effectively. The vibrations produced by the probes cause cavitation in liquids, the formation and violent collapse of microscopic bubbles. The collapse of thousands of bubbles creates a tremendous amount of energy in the cavitation field, therefore processing samples quick and effectively. While in use, the equipment can create uncomfortable levels of noise. That is why we recommend purchasing a sound enclosure with your unit. Ultrasonic liquid processing equipment is commonly used in biotech, pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental, industrial, and precision cleaning applications. They are most popularly used for applications such as nanoparticle dispersion, cell lysis, homogenization, and creating emulsions. All sonication equipment from QSonica is backed by a 2 year warranty. Selection guide and product literature available.

  • Sterilizers
  • Tube Rotators and Rollers
    Tube Rotators and Rollers

    Gentle biological sample mixing is made possible with tube rotators and laboratory tube rollers. They are compact, stable and their small footprint requires little working space. Use tube rotators and rollers for applications like immune precipitations, latex diagnostics and blood coagulation prevention. Get the best deal on laboratory tube rollers and tube rotators from trusted brands at M2 Scientifics. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us and an Account Manager will help you find the best option for your application.

  • Vortex Mixers
    Vortex Mixers

    Vortex mixers available from several trusted brands at everyday low prices. Ideal for mixing small samples using vials and small tubes. Vortex mixers are most commonly used in biochemistry, microbiology and analytical laboratories. Every vortex mixer from M2 Scientifics is eligible for our Price Match Guarantee. Order today!

  • Water Testing Meters
    Water Testing Meters

    Shop water testing meters at M2 Scientifics. Portable and benchtop meters for work in the field or in the lab. Water analysis meters are used to measure conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature and more. Choose from a variety of water testing meters and a wide range of accessories. Complete packages available. pH meters and other water quality meters available from trusted brands. Available at discounted prices from M2 Scientifics. Can't find what you need? Contact us and an Account Manager will help you find the perfect product for your application.

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