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    Lab Supplies 

    • Beakers

      M2S carries a large selection of disposable and reusable laboratory beakers. Disposable beakers are very user friendly in that they are safe, feature easy to read graduations, and are significantly cheaper than conventional glass beakers. Many of our laboratory beakers feature multiple pour spouts making liquid transfer a breeze. Molded graduations help with clarity and prevent smearing and smudging of written or printed graduations. Because they are made from several kinds of plastics such as polystyrene and polypropylene, they are unbreakable and provide a much safer solution to their glass counterparts. We also have available a line that is fully autoclavable and can be reused while still maintaining a much lower price tag. Take a look at all of our lab beakers and learn why your lab could benefit greatly by transitioning to conventional glass beakers to our plastic beakers from Globe Scientific.

    • Disposable Exam Gloves
      Disposable Exam Gloves

      disposable nitrile and latex exam gloves

      Disposable exam gloves are essential for personal safety and that of others in laboratories, hospitals, labs and schools. The right exam glove can improve work flow, improve comfort, increase production and provide protection. M2 Scientifics offers a selection of disposable exam gloves including nitrile, latex and powder free.

    • Drug Testing
      Drug Testing

      drug testing specimen sample containers

      M2 Scientifics offers a large selection of laboratory containers that can be used for a variety of applications. Choose from drug testing containers, specimen containers, collection cups, pathology containers, and general purpose storage containers. We also provide a wide selection of pack sizes and accessories like lids and thermometer strips. Choose the container that is right for your application. Can't find what you need? Contact us and an Account Manager will gladly assist you.

    • Fecal Collection
      Fecal Collection
      Fecal collection containers are designed to collect and transport stool samples. Stool containers are available in several sizes and styles.
    • Flow Indicators
      Flow Indicators

      Shop new flow indicators at M2 Scientifics. Visual flow indicators available from trusted name brands at discount prices. Don't see what you need? Contact us and an M2 Scientifics Account Manager will help you find exactly what you're looking for.

    • Lab Plasticware
      Lab Plasticware

      Find any type of plasticware item you need for your lab at M2 Scientifics. We offer a large variety of plasticware like plastic beakers, bottles, graduated cylinders, flasks, funnels, Petri dishes, and more from the brands you trust. 

    • Instrument Trays
      Instrument Trays

      Shop our selection of quality instrument trays from trusted brands. Instrument trays are ideal for hospitals, dentist offices and laboratories. Conveniently carry and organize all your commonly used instruments. Get the best deal from M2 Scientifics.

    • Lab Bags
      Lab Bags

      laboratory specimen bags

      Choose from a selection of laboratory bags suited for a variety of laboratory specimen transport and collection requirements. Several closure styles are available including zipper and glue closures. Zipper closures allow for repeated access while the glue closures provide a secure tamper evident seal. Red-tinted STAT bags are available for specimens demanding immediate attention. Laboratory bags are a lab essential item. Contact us for details regarding volume pricing. Can't find what you need? Contact us and an Account Manager will gladly assist you.

    • Lab Glassware
      Lab Glassware

      Laboratory glassware is one of the most popular items found in the lab. M2 Scientifics has a complete selection of glassware products from trusted brands like Pyrex®. Purchase glass beakers, flasks, adapters, graduated cylinders, reaction vessels, bottles and much more from M2 Scientifics. All lab glassware is eligible for our Price Match Guarantee. Save more on trusted brands with our everyday low prices. Contact us for special volume pricing.

    • Microbiology Supplies
      Microbiology Supplies

      Find all the laboratory supplies and consumables you need in the microbiology field. From agarose gel to Petri dishes, you will find everything you need to get the job done. M2 Scientifics also offers bulk discounts on most products

    • Microscope Slides
      Microscope Slides

      M2 Scientifics offers a variety of microscope slides suited for many lab and industrial applications. Choose from plain, frosted, color codes, and charged glass slides. Microscope slides, storage, and transport products are available in a variety of package and case sizes at discounted prices.

    • Parafilm

      parafilm lab sealing film

      Parafilm sealing film is a very popular item in many labs. Use it to seal open containers such as bottles, beakers, flasks, and cylinders. Also used to tightly seal petri dishes and other sample vessels. Parafilm sealing film is available in several sizes. Be sure to stock up on this lab essential item and order a dispensing bin to conveniently store and dispense your film. Can't find what you need? Contact us and an Account Manager will gladly assist you.

    • Serological Pipettes
      Serological Pipettes

      serological pipette

      We carry a variety of serological pipettes that work with most major brands of pipette controllers. Choose from a variety of sizes, color identifications, materials, designs, and pack sizes. Serological pipettes are certified for calibration. Can't find what you need? Contact us and an Account Manager will gladly assist you.

    • Transfer Pipettes
      Transfer Pipettes

      disposable transfer pipets

      M2 Scientifics offers a large variety of transfer pipettes and pasteur pipets to suit your needs. All disposable plastic transfer pipets are made from quality materials while remaining budget friendly. Choose from a huge selection of styles, options, pack sizes, etc. Sterile pipets are available individually wrapped or in larger quantity bag sizes. Most non-sterile transfer pipets come packaged in convenient dispenser boxes in a variety of quantities. Store them conveniently while allowing easy access. Can't find what you need? Contact us and an Account Manager will gladly assist you.

    • Weighing Dishes
      Weighing Dishes
    • Dewar Flasks
      Dewar Flasks
    • Tubes & Vials
      Tubes & Vials

      Test tubes, culture tubes, vials, centirfuge tubes and closures from M2 Scientifics. Choose from a variety of common tube sizes. Plastic and glass tubes from brands like Corning, Globe Scientific and more.

    • Microplates
    • Lab Notebooks
      Lab Notebooks
    • Syringe Filters
      Syringe Filters
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