• Pipette Controllers
    Pipette Controllers

    M2 Scientifics offers several pipette controllers from a variety of brands you can trust. Pipette controllers are available from Accumax, CAPP, Globe Scientific, Heathrow Scientific, and other great brands. Choose from several different colors. We also carry a full line of serological pipettes that work with most pipette controllers.

  • Fixed Volume Pipettes
    Fixed Volume Pipettes
  • Multichannel Pipettes
    Multichannel Pipettes
    Multi-channel pipettes are available in a variety of color and volume combinations. Choose the multichannel pipette that best suits your liquid transfer needs. Available from several great brands.
  • Electronic Pipettes
    Electronic Pipettes
  • Repeater Pipettes
    Repeater Pipettes
  • Pipette Tips
    Pipette Tips
  • Pipette Stands
    Pipette Stands
  • Accessories
  • Single Channel
    Single Channel
  • Vacuum Aspirators
    Vacuum Aspirators
  • Reagent Resevoirs
    Reagent Resevoirs

    Reagent and solution reservoirs are designed for use with single and multi-channel pipettes to facilitate the aspiration of reagents and other solutions. They are typically designed with a sharp V well to reduce the consumption of expensive reagents while pipetting.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 57 items

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