Lab Bags 

  • Zipper Closure
    Zipper Closure
    These specimen transport bags are designed to safely transport specimens and documentation. Each bag displays the printed biohazard symbol and checkmark boxes indicating special handling instructions. Paperwork is kept safe with the included and attached document pouch. The zipper closure allows repeated access to specimen. These lab specimen bags are OSHA and NCCLS compliant. Custom sizes and printing are available. Contact us for details and pricing.
  • Glue Closure
    Glue Closure
    These special lab specimen bags feature a special glue closure that offers a liquid tight tamper evident seal. Removal of the liner exposes the glue adhesive. Simply press to close. A 3 x 5 inch absorbent pad is an optional feature that quickly absorbs aqueous solutions or body fluids providing safe transportation of specimens. These specimen bags also include an attached document pouch that keeps important documentation safe.
  • Bitran® Series S Bags
    Bitran® Series S Bags
    Long term specimen handling and storage are made possible with the Bitran® Series S bags. These lab specimen bags feature a double track zipper that are easy to close and that provide an airtight seal. Exceptional vapor and odor control is achieved because these lab bags are produced from 3 mil Saranex®. Volume pricing is available on these and other lab essential laboratory bags. Contact us for details and pricing.
  • Formalin Storage Bags
    Formalin Storage Bags
    These formalin bags are made from strong 3 mil Serinex and are liguid tight. The vapor barrier effectively prevents the transmission of harmful fumes associated with formalin. A patented manufacturing process makes these bags uniquely leak eliminating. The formalin lab bags are conveniently pre-printed with a biohazard symbol, formalin warnings, and an emergency response block as required by OSHA standards. Easy closure and airtight security is made possible with a double track zipper. Stock your lab with these essential formalin storage bags. Contact us for details about volume pricing.
  • STAT Bags
    STAT Bags
    STAT specimen transport bags indicate urgency and special handling procedures via bold STAT lettering, printed biohazard symbol, and checkmark boxes. These red bags are designed to provide safe transportation of specimens and documentation. STAT lab bags are a laboratory essential. Stock up and save with our volume pricing discount. Contact us for details.
  • Sterile Sample Bags
    Sterile Sample Bags

    These sample bags are sterilized using gamma radiation without any traces of toxic residue being left behind. An airtight, moisture seal is achieved with wire closure.  PVC tabs prevent the wires from perforating the bag, gloves, or scratching hands. 

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