Plastic Bottles 

  • Wide Mouth Square Bottles
    Wide Mouth Square Bottles
    Choose from a large selection of wide mouth square lab bottles in a variety of sizes. These laboratory bottles are great for extended storage and transport, feature additional leak protection, are easy to fill and empty, are food grade compliant, and come in an assortment of package sizes. The bottles are made from polyethylene while the included screw caps are made from polypropylene. Stock up on these essential laboratory bottles and save.
  • Narrow Mouth Round Bottles
    Narrow Mouth Round...
    These round bottles are very rigid and easy to pour from. The narrow mouth and sloping shoulders of these lab bottles helps to make pouring a breeze. Lab bottles like these are a preferred choice for liquid handling inside and outside the lab. Use them for transporting waste water, boiler feed water, and other liquids back the lab. And because they are made from plastic polypropylene, they are economical enough to dispose of, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Though they can be a disposable lab supply, they are also autoclavable should you decide to reuse them. These are very versatile lab bottles. Stock up on all of your lab essentials and save.
  • Wash Bottles
    Wash Bottles
    We offer a variety of general purpose and specialty wash bottles. Choose from a range of features including wash bottles with pour spouts, wide mouth wash bottles, wash bottles with screw cap tops, easy squeeze wash bottles, and many more. All of the popular volumes are available along with many pack size choices. Plastic wash bottles are made from durable low density polyethylene ( LDPE ) or other plastic materials and are easy to clean, and in many cases, chemical resistant. We also offer food grade bottles. See product descriptions for specific applications and features. Bulk pricing is available on every wash bottle option we carry. Contact us to request a quote.
  • Plastic Carboys
    Plastic Carboys

    Plastic Carboys

    Buy quality plastic carboys from M2 Scientifics. Carboys are most commonly used to store and/or transport large quantities of liquids like solvents, acids, deionised water and waste products. Choose from a variety of common sizes. Several common plastic types are used to manufacture these plastic carboys. Some models offer an integrated spigot. Carboys with spigot are great for dispensing material easily and as needed. Foxx Life Sciences offers the next generation of Carboys with the EZgrip series. These plastic carboys are easily distinguishable by their rectangle shape and are the result of years of feedback from end-users. Foxx Life Sciences designed and developed the EZgrip Carboy to be the most advanced fluid storage and transfer system available for the research, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

  • Boston Bottles
    Boston Bottles

    Boston bottles are heavy duty storage bottles commonly used in laboratories, most notably chemistry labs. Choose from a variety of boston bottles available at M2 Scientifics. Plastic boston bottles are a great solution for storage of common chemicals and samples. Aavailable in many common sizes and are made from durable plastics.

  • Centrifuge Bottles
    Centrifuge Bottles
  • Vacuum Bottles
    Vacuum Bottles

    Buy durable and versatile plastic vacuum bottles from M2 Scientifics. Foxx Life Sciences vacuum bottles make exceptional replacements for glass HPLC containers, and ideal for applications involving liquid aspiration, cell harvesting, and degasification. The thick walls of these plastic bottles allow them to withstand near full vacuum for 24 hours. Each container comes with a 1/4" hose adapter, giving you the flexibility to meet the needs of your application. Choose from 53mm and 83mm caps and multiple materials. Each bottle is graduated with marks in metric and certified to within ± 5%.

    Plastic Vacuum Bottles from Foxx Life Sciences

  • Bottle Closures
    Bottle Closures

    Bottle closures, vented caps, vacuum caps and more for a variety of common storage bottles and jars available from M2 Scientifics.

  • Bottle Closure Adapters
    Bottle Closure Adapters

    Bottle closure adapters with hose barbs that allow the ultimate top connection flexibility for common storage bottles and jars available from M2 Scientifics.

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