Transfer Pipettes 

  • Fine Tip
    Fine Tip
    Fine tip transfer pipettes are an ideal solution for small volume dispensing. Use these transfer pipettes for liquid transfer to and from multi-well plates and with such applications like loading hemocytometers. Great for precision transfer into small openings.
  • Extra Long
    Extra Long
    Extra long transfer pipettes are perfect for use in common lab applications using a variety of laboratory glassware, containers, bottles, beakers, flasks, cylinders, tubes, and 24 hour urine containers.
  • Mini

    Mini pipettes are commonly used in diagnostic testing kits and where small volume samples are required. They are ideal for use with small tubes and containers. Disposable mini transfer pipettes eliminate the risk of cross contamination, are economical and can be used in a wide range of applications. Disposable transfer pipettes are made from several common kinds of plastic including LDPE. Shop our large selection of mini transfer pipettes.

  • Graduated
    Graduated transfer pipettes are very popular in many labs. They are designed for measurements and feature molded graduation marks that will never fade or wash off. Graduated transfer pipettes are available in a variety of sizes and graduation intervals.
  • Paddle
    Paddle transfer pipettes serve a dual purpose. They are used for small volume liquid transfers and feature a rigid paddle that is an integral part of the transfer pipette. The paddle can be used for mixing, spreading, and smearing. Paddle pipettes are available in various sizes and quantities.
  • Blood Bank
    Blood Bank
    Blood bank transfer pipettes feature large bulbs and are commonly used to transfer blood to and from tubes and vials. Blood transfer pipets are available in a variety of sizes and options. They are offered in sterile and non-sterile and come in several different pack and case sizes. All of these disposable plastic transfer pipets offered by M2 Scientifics are made from quality materials while remaining a great value for laboratories everywhere.
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Showing 1 - 20 of 51 items

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