Microbiology Supplies 

  • Agarose Powder and Tablets
    Agarose Powder and...

    Highly purified agarose powder and tablets suitable for a variety of molecular biology applications including casting electrophoresis gels, inoculating surfaces, PCR blotting, and AFLP's.

  • Cell Strainers
    Cell Strainers

    Shop from a large selection of disposable cell strainers from M2 Scientifics. Cell strainers are easy to use and ideal for isolating, detaching, and straining cells from clusters and tissues. These cell strainers fit conical and other types of test tubes.

  • Inoculating Loops and Needles
    Inoculating Loops and...

    Inoculating loops and needles offer a convenient and safe way of streaking culture media. They are smooth and flexible to facilitate uniform inoculation. They are supplied sterile in peel-apart packages or individually wrapped. Disposable inoculating loops do not require flaming, which eliminates the hazards of open flames, cross contamination, spattering, and risk of infection.

  • Microbiological Spreaders
    Microbiological Spreaders

    Microbiological spreaders come in various shapes and sizes that help to spread biological samples uniformly over agar surfaces and filters in Petri dishes. Disposable spreaders are generally more cost and time-efficient as they are pre-sterilized and there is no need for flame sterilization or autoclaving.

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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items

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