Balances and Scales 

  • Analytical Balances
    Analytical Balances

    M2 Scientifics is a leading distributor of analytical balances and accessories from trusted brands like OHAUS, Sartorius, A&D Weighing and RADWAG. Shop for a wide range of laboratory balances online including semi micro balances, micro balances, moisture balances, precision toploading balances and more. Choosing the right analytical balance for your lab is made simple with our informative product pages, downloadable manuals and product reviews. Have a question? Use our Live Chat and speak with an Account Manager during regular business hours.


    Analytical laboratory balances are available with internal and external calibration, RS232 and USB communication, NTEP legal-for-trade approvals and other standard features needed for any weighing task. Additional accessories like printers, draft shields, cables and more are also available. 


    Need help choosing the right analytical balance for your lab? Contact an Account Manager and they'll help you find the right balance for your application with our free technical support service.

  • Precision Balances
    Precision Balances

    Precision balances offer a readability of greater than or equal to 1 mg. Precision balances are ideal for laboratories, classrooms, industrial and research applications and more. Shop trusted brand name precision balances at M2 Scientifics.

  • Semi-Micro Balances
    Semi-Micro Balances
  • Microbalances
  • Industrial Scales
    Industrial Scales
  • Moisture Analyzers
    Moisture Analyzers

    Shop trusted name brand moisture analyzers at M2 Scientifics. Choose from brands like OHAUS, A&D Weighing, Sartorius and more. We offer a full range of accessories for all your moisture measuring needs. Moisture analyzers, also referred to as moisture balances, are used to determine the moisture content of various samples. They are commonly used in food processing and pharmaceuticals industries but are widely used in many other processes. Moisture content of soils and chemicals can be determined using a moisture analyzer. 


    Need help finding the right moisture balance for your application? Contact an Account Manager and they'll assist you with our free technical support service.

  • Accessories

    Accessories for all of your weighing needs. Scale accessories include weighing boats, scoops, auxiliary displays, tower kits, rechargeable batteries, cables and more. Balance accessories available include draft shields, cables, weighing dishes, in-use covers, batteries, dust covers, printers, software and other weighing accessories. When purchasing a new balance or scale, make sure you have everything you need to get the job done right. Can't find the balance or scale accessory you need? Contact M2 Scientifics and an Account Manager will put together a quote and provide you with everything you'll need.

  • Counting Scales
    Counting Scales

    Counting scales from a leading industrial scale distributor, M2 Scientifics. Shop for industrial counting scales from trusted name brands like OHAUS, A&D Weighing and more. Need help finding the right scale? Our Account Managers will help you find the right model for your application with our free technical support.


    Choose from a large selection of models including NTEP legal-for-trade scales. A full catalog of accessories are available including auxiliary displays, second-scale kits, communication cables, printers and more.

  • Mechanical Scales
    Mechanical Scales
  • Indicators & Controllers
    Indicators & Controllers
  • Health Scales
    Health Scales
  • Ultra Microbalances
    Ultra Microbalances
  • Retail Scales
    Retail Scales
  • Platform Scales
    Platform Scales
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