Lab Drying Racks 

  • Acrylic Lab Drying Racks
    Acrylic Lab Drying Racks

    Acrylic lab drying racks are designed to improve light transparency in work areas where lighting is restricted. Every acrylic pegboard drying rack is made from high-quality materials making them extremely durable and long-lasting. They are constructed from 3/4 - 1 inch acrylic and feature eased and flamed edges for a clean and professional finish. Every acrylic laboratory drying rack comes with white pegboard pegs. Black pegs are optional at no additional cost. Choose from a large selection of standard sizes and peg configurations. Custom manufacturing is available upon request.

  • Epoxy Lab Drying Racks
    Epoxy Lab Drying Racks

    Epoxy lab drying racks available in several standard sizes. Made from high-quality 1" thick epoxy and built-to-last. These epoxy glassware drying racks are very heavy and durable. The black epoxy presents a clean and professional look. Each epoxy pegboard includes pegs and necessary mounting hardware. Custom manufacturing available upon request. Already have a price from a competitor? Contact us and an Account Manager will work to get you the best deal on the epoxy lab drying rack of your choice. 

  • Stainless Steel Lab Drying Racks
    Stainless Steel Lab...

    Stainless Steel Lab Drying Racks

    Stainless steel lab drying racks from Inter Dyne Systems are also known as a 'Mod-Rack' pegboards. Mod-Racks are customizable with a variety of accessories. Some of these items include flask holders, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, glove box holders, drain shelves and more. When you purchase a Mod-Rack pegboard, you have the capability of customizing it to suit your work space needs. These stainless steel pegboards are made from 20 gauge type 304 stainless steel and polished to a # 4 finish. They are corrosion resistant, durable, autoclavable and versatile.


    Every stainless steel pegboard drying rack includes white 6" polypropylene pegs (black available upon request), wall mount bracket and instructions. They are quick and simple to install with just basic hand tools.



    Fasten to wall using provided mounting bracket. Installation is quick and easy with basic hand tools. Instructions are included

  • Mod-Rack Accessories
    Mod-Rack Accessories

    Choose from a large selection of accessories for our lab drying racks. Mod-Rack lab pegboards from Inter Dyne Systems can be customized to create the glassware drying rack best suited for your work area. Flask hangers, pipette holders, glove box holders, soap dispensers and more are available for all drying racks made by Inter Dyne. 

  • Lab Drying Rack Pegs
    Lab Drying Rack Pegs

    lab pegboard drying rack pegs

    Shop lab drying rack pegs at M2 Scientifics. Pegboard pegs are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Made from polypropylene plastic and offered in 2 standard colors; black and white. Laboratory pegboard drying racks from Inter Dyne Systems come standard with enough pegs to fill the pegboard. Custom colors are also available upon request.

    Tube Pegs

    Tube pegs are available in 4 inch and 6 inch lengths. These tube pegs are ideal for hanging test tubes, culture tubes, centrifuge tubes, and other narrow vessels. Small beakers, flasks and other glassware items will also work with these tube pegs. Used with all stainless steel lab drying racks from Inter Dyne Systems.

    Standard Pegs

    Standard pegs are available in 9 inch and 12 inch lengths. These pegs are often used for medium sized glassware and other vessels like beakers, flasks, bottles and larger tubes. Standard pegs are used with any stainless steel laboratory pegboard from Inter Dyne Systems.

    Support Peg

    Support pegs are 4 inches in length. They extend straight out from the pegboard drying rack and have a 90 degree edge at the end. These can be used to support Mod-Rack accessories like the flask holder. You can also lay items flat across multiple support pegs, creating a convenient shelf. Support pegs may also be used to hang items from like keys, safety glasses and other common lab items. These can be used with any stainless steel laboratory drying rack from Inter Dyne Ssytems.

    Peg Extender

    Peg extenders are really handy when additional peg length is needed. These pegs slip over existing pegs to extend the length by 3 inches. Use with any peg we have available made by Inter Dyne Systems.

    Double Prong Pegs

    Double prong pegs are specifically designed for use with epoxy and acrylic lab drying racks from Inter Dyne systems. The dual prong design allows these pegs to press into the pegboard securely. These are available in a 5.5" length.

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